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LIST | 4 Potential Jobs in the Crypto and Blockchain Industry

It is estimated that around 200,000 people already work in the blockchain industry (or subsidiary and affiliated industries). Let’s explore crypto jobs and the wider context of the industry.

The growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has led to a huge number of jobs that are available, with around 200,000 people already thought to work in the blockchain industry (or subsidiary and affiliated industries).

Analysts predict that there could be many more jobs in the industry moving forward, and the number of people studying related fields at university has also skyrocketed as people try to get the skills they need. No one specific ‘skill’ prepares people to work in cryptocurrency and blockchain but there are a lot of jobs and work fields where people with varying skill sets are needed.

Let’s explore four crypto jobs and the wider context of the industry.

1.) Crypto Game Development

Gaming has taken crypto and ran with it, turning it into a big part of the way the industry works. This is particularly true of the casino and online gambling industry where people use cryptocurrencies all the time to move money around. Crypto is more convenient for people and also offers some other protections to users.

Players who play slots for real money tend to value the transparency of cryptocurrency and this has led to growth in cryptocurrency games being developed, some of which are different from the rest of the gaming industry. Slot games are the most common of all of the crypto games at the moment, with thousands of them available at gambling sites, and new themes and games being introduced all the time.

Game development is a competitive industry and a lot of people who get started are trying to make one of the next hit games or even sell their idea to Microsoft, but the truth is that working in fields where demand is high can be great for developers. Many gaming developers work on a freelance basis or full-time in crypto game development making slot games or other casino games that use the mechanics of crypto and blockchain.

2.) Cryptocurrency Analyst

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency on the market, and as with all currency markets, there is a demand for people who can analyze them and try to predict the future.

People working as analysts need a huge level of knowledge of the industry and to keep track of new and trending currencies as well as the traditional ‘big boys.’

Analysts may work in big trading companies but there are also some who may work in the industry independently, on a freelance basis, or within other crypto jobs such as blogs and websites that offer cryptocurrency advice.

Financial analysts are not new in career terms, but there is a new demand for those that have a specialism in crypto and many people are shifting their focus to this area.

3.) Blockchain Developer

Inside the nuts and bolts of the blockchain ‘machine,; we need developers. A big demand is in place for people who want to start to incorporate blockchain technologies, so there are a couple of types of blockchain developers.

Core Blockchain Developer is somebody who works to maintain and develop the actual architecture of the whole of the blockchain, and it is something that is essential to ensure that the tech keeps working and that any issues are quickly dealt with.

Some software can also run on the blockchain or work in conjunction with blockchain tech, so another form of blockchain developer is somebody who works with the framework to create other software and apps such as electronic wallets that people can use to manage their crypto.

4.) Cryptocurrency Marketing

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are different from a lot of the other financial services and definitely different from flat currencies. Using the Yen, the Pound, or the Dollar wasn’t necessarily a choice people had, flat currencies relied on using what is accepted in the location. However, crypto marketing is an industry precisely because of the competitive nature of the industry.

Bitcoin is the best-known currency of its type, but there are a lot of other forms of currencies out there that are competitive, and this is one of the reasons why the currencies need marketing teams to help spread the word and promote the currency, and its benefits.

Marketing teams may also help with networking and allowing new companies to hear about the cryptocurrencies in question and how they can use them in their business or accept the currency, just like accepting Bitcoin for a business.

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