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ZTX Warns of Fake Tokens

ZTX Warns of Fake Tokens Ahead of Highly Anticipated TGE on October 16th

In a recent tweet, ZTX, the much-anticipated Metaverse platform, issued a stern warning to its community and potential investors regarding the circulation of counterfeit ZTX tokens. The tweet emphasized the importance of caution and clarified that the official Token Generation Event (TGE) for ZTX is scheduled for October 16, 2023, as previously announced.

The tweet from ZTX read, “Warning: There are fake ZTX tokens being circulated. Our TGE date is October 16th per our recent announcement. None of the pools that are currently live on DEXes are ours. Please be careful & do not purchase/click on any links until our TGE date. As TGE nears, we will make an official announcement through our channels on which venues our tokens will be traded on. Stay tuned.”

This cautionary message comes in response to the rising interest and excitement surrounding ZTX and its upcoming token launch. ZTX has been actively sharing details about its project, building anticipation within the crypto and gaming communities. Previously, ZTX had announced its plans for Playtest #2, which is set to be open to the public, further solidifying its com.

mitment to community engagement. The launch of the ZTX token is a pivotal step towards the official Beta Launch of the ZTX platform.

ZTX Prepares for October 16th Token Launch

Scheduled for October 16th, the TGE will play a crucial role in distributing ZTX tokens to eligible wallet holders. Multiple exchanges will also begin supporting ZTX trading pairs on this date, although the specific exchanges have yet to be officially revealed. The TX token, at the heart of the ZTX ecosystem, promises a wide range of utilities that will enhance the ZTX experience for its users. These utilities fall into three primary categories:

1. Governance: ZTX tokens will enable decentralized decision-making within the ZTX World. Token holders will have the power to propose and vote on matters such as the use of the community treasury and other key parameters.

2. Purchasing: ZTX tokens will be used to acquire in-game assets, including wearables and home decorations. Additionally, ZTX will serve as the primary quote currency on ZTX-built secondary marketplaces, where players can buy and sell assets.

3. Gameplay: Players will have the ability to utilize ZTX tokens to enhance their in-game progress. This could involve speeding up or bypassing certain requirements related to gameplay, such as harvesting times.

Moreover, ZTX has introduced a token buyback program, funded entirely by platform revenue. This program will involve repurchasing ZTX tokens on the open market to benefit the ZTX ecosystem through activities like burning tokens, incentivizing players, and funding the treasury. The total supply of ZTX tokens is fixed at 10,000,000,000, with various distribution buckets and their associated lock-up and vesting periods.

One of the most exciting aspects of the TGE is the Genesis Airdrop, which aims to reward community members. This airdrop will constitute 4.00% of the total ZTX distribution. While the specific qualifying activities for the Genesis Airdrop have not been disclosed, community participation in initiatives and the existing ecosystem is highly encouraged. Overall, ZTX’s highly anticipated TGE promises to be a significant event in the world of Metaverse and blockchain technology.

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