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SubQuery Integrates Fully

SubQuery, a prominent blockchain developer, just announced its full integration of zkSync Era. Developers in the zkSync Era deserve credit for integrating SubQuery’s improved data indexing. This integration could boost workflow, efficiency, and blockchain adoption.

SubQuery Offers Comprehensive Indexing Solutions for zkSync Era

Advanced Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution zkSync Era uses ZK-rollup technology. This unique solution enhances transaction efficiency, cost-efficiency, and security, overcoming significant blockchain technology challenges.

Developers using zkSync Era can use SubQuery’s adaptive, fast, open, and decentralized data indexing solution. This integration gives blockchain developers tools to manage and query on-chain data for protocols and apps.

SubQuery simplifies backend operations. SubQuery provides developers with a tailored API, letting them focus on product development and user experience rather than indexing solutions.

As Matter Labs’ Senior Vice President of Business and Operations, Macro Cora stressed the importance of creating an ideal environment for users and builders to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption for personal liberty. SubQuery’s addition to the zkSync Era ecosystem gives developers essential tools to gain deeper insights from on-chain data. This helps people make smarter blockchain app development and operation decisions.

SubQuery strives to give developers a thorough and efficient indexing experience. An open-source Software Development Kit (SDK), tools, documentation, and developer support are available inside the SubQuery ecosystem. SubQuery’s enterprise-level managed service helps the zkSync Era handle a lot of daily requests.

SubQuery Empowers zkSync Era with Efficient Data Indexing Tools

SubQuery plans to launch the SubQuery Network in addition to its ongoing help. The update should give zkSync Era developers another decentralized indexing technique. This update shows SubQuery’s dedication to improving zkSync Era developers’ and the blockchain community’s skills.

The successful integration of SubQuery’s data indexing technology into zkSync Era marks a major step toward improving developers’ capabilities. SubQuery’s platform allows developers to focus on creating great products and improving the user experience, helping the blockchain ecosystem grow.

The inclusion of SubQuery’s support provides zkSync Era developers with access to highly efficient data indexing tools. It possesses the capacity to foster creativity, enhance scalability, and improve accessibility in the realm of blockchain technology. This collaboration advances blockchain technology’s adoption and use. Furthermore, it can expand individual autonomy and financial access for many.

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