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KuCoin unveils Islamic Coin (ISLM)

Islamic Coin (ISLM) has been launched today on the KuCoin exchange. ISLM launch is a milestone in cryptocurrency. ISLM’s debut on KuCoin, a major cryptocurrency exchange, is expected to disrupt the crypto market. KuCoin is thrilled to add a notable project to its spot trading platform, expanding global cryptocurrency enthusiasts’ options. ISLM wants to introduce ethical and Shariah-compliant blockchain technology to cryptocurrency.

Islamic Coin (ISLM) Gains Momentum After Successful Republic Crypto ICO

HAQQ, a Layer 1 PoS blockchain, uses Islamic Coin as its native token. HAQQ was designed to be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), making it easy to integrate with DeFi efforts and apps. Using the flexible Cosmos SDK module, the system has fast transaction finality.

HAQQ goes beyond blockchain. Its ethical framework stresses Web3 principles, enabling digital Shariah-compliant financial systems. The blockchain ecosystem was named Blockchain Innovation of the Year at the Entrepreneur Middle East-hosted Tech Innovation Awards 2023 in Dubai.

After its successful Republic Crypto ICO, the Islamic Coin (ISLM) has made significant developments. KuCoin’s listing marks a major milestone as it prepares to launch on major exchanges, both controlled and decentralized platforms.

ISLM exchanges include KuCoin, Sushiswap, Haqqex, and others. Diversifying trading platforms benefits Islamic Coin (ISLM) and its growing user base. Given its ability to reach over 80 million people through numerous exchanges, ISLM could become a widely recognized Sharia-compliant cryptocurrency.

ISLM Receives Halal Certification and Prominent Scholar’s Approval

Islamic Coin (ISLM) serves many HAQQ ecosystem services. The technology can facilitate financial transactions, manage organizational decision-making, cover transaction expenses, and allow individuals to validate and secure the network. The ISLM system is more than just a digital currency; it’s a financial ecosystem based on Islamic finance.

Significantly, Islamic Coin (ISLM) has been thoroughly evaluated and meets all halal asset standards. The product has a Fatwa from prominent Muslim academics including Sheikh Dr. Nizam Mohammed Saleh Yaquby, a $1 trillion Islamic finance sector leader. Since 10% of each ISLM issue goes to the Evergreen DAO, it also affects the community. These funds fund Islamic company investments or charity donations.

The release of Islamic Coin (ISLM) on KuCoin is a cryptocurrency milestone. Blockchain technology with ethical and compliant methods creates Islamic finance-compliant financial solutions. ISLM’s trajectory shows the cryptocurrency ecosystem’s growing importance of diversity and inclusivity since it caters to a wide range of ethical and financial views.

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