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Bitget launches CandyBomb – A Crypto Airdrop Platform

As the market is buzzing with new opportunities, launchpads and airdrops once again become the most sought after kind-of-events. Bitget Launchpad is gaining traction, and its peer Bitget CandyBomb is expected to take our users ‘to the moon’ with its awesomeness.

The Only Platform For Your Airdrop Needs

You read it right. It may sound a bit pompous but Bitget CandyBomb is the first-ever centralised task-and-airdrop platform dedicated to crypto gem hunters. Well then, how is it different from Bitget Launchpad?

With Bitget Launchpad, users will need to lock their BGB for a chance to buy new tokens at a bargain price, whereas Bitget CandyBomb simply asks participants to complete some given tasks and bam – new tokens are distributed to their wallets, for free.

There are hundreds of new airdrops out there everyday, if not thousands. The hype is real but not all projects are Blur. Talking about the event, Bitget is proud to be the first to list BLUR –  in our Bitget Innovation Zone – together with an exclusive ‘Deposit BLUR to win BLUR and BGB’ campaign! At BLUR’s all-time high of US$5.02, our beloved users had benefited a great deal from our research efforts. Determined to introduce only projects of highest quality, the Bitget CandyBomb team screens through all available airdrops on a daily basis and reaches out to development teams for privileged deals. That way we can offer Bitget users special access to carefully vetted projects for maximum gain as well as solid project support.

Even more invaluable is the completeness of Bitget-Verse. Bitget almost always provides a corresponding market for IEO tokens on Bitget Launchpad to make sure that our users can begin trading these immediately on the most reliable platform. Likewise, we plan to list airdrop tokens from Bitget CandyBomb in the Bitget Innovation Zone ensuingly. You can very well expect Bitget Launchpool or Bitget Savings opportunities in the future also! It is truly limitless how you can grow your portfolio (at zero costs) with Bitget CandyBomb.

Bitget CandyBomb Round 1: Degis (DEG) Airdrop

After careful consideration, Bitget is delighted to announce the first round of airdrop on Bitget CandyBomb: the Avalanche native Degis (DEG).

New users who register, download the Bitget app and join the CandyBomb will get a 2 to 50 USDT airdrop!

Time period: April 28, 7:00 PM – May 10, 3:00 PM (UTC+8)

Want to know more? Check out Bitget

Why Degis (DEG)?

Degis is the first protection-focus project built on Avalanche C-Chain a.k.a. the smart contract chain of Avalanche. That being said, Degis designs the first comprehensive risk management tool for liquidity providers and insureds of both DeFi and NFT markets, and chooses to set up their foundation on one of the biggest Layer 1s.

Degis’ novel approach to the insurance market earned them recognition by Avalanche themselves, with the Blizzard Fund and Avalanche Asia Star Fund (AVATAR) co-leading their US$3 million angel and seed round in March 2022. On a side note, Degis is incubated by the Crypto-FinTech Lab of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST); we thereby have the chance to show our appreciation for Hong Kong’s recent welcome stance on crypto by kickstarting Bitget CandyBomb with the DEG airdrop.

The total supply of the Degis (DEG) token is 100,000,000, with 60% allocated for the IDO, 20% to the team, 10% to early supporters and investors and 10% for ecosystem developments and community incentives.

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