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BTC & altcoins show promising growth

The cryptocurrency market in 2023 has seen significant growth, with Bitcoin’s 106% increase being outshone by several altcoins. Rollbit Coin led the charge with a remarkable surge of 7,429%, followed by Pendle at 1,807%, and Injective at 961%. Other notable performers included Kaspa and Tellor with increases of 898% and 717% respectively, while Tominet marked a rise of 686%. Aptos and Chainlink also made gains over 100%, with Bitcoin Cash and Maker increasing by 151% and 177%.

Despite the overall uptrend, some cryptocurrencies faced substantial losses. Flare led this group with a plunge of 97.83% while Arbitrum, Sei, Terra 2.0, and Apecoin also experienced heavy losses. Pancakeswap saw a decrease of 61.09%, joining LUNC, ETHW, HT, and ALGO in the list of notable decliners.

Looking forward to the year 2025, market predictions anticipate a surge for Bitcoin ($BTC), Dogecoin ($DOGE), and InQubeta ($QUBE). Robert Kiyosaki predicts Bitcoin hitting $135k, attributing the potential growth to factors such as the ‘Uptober’ bull run, the halving event, spot ETF approval, and FOMO traders.

Dogecoin is forecasted to reach $1 as per AngeloBTC’s prediction. The prediction is backed by its potential use in Elon Musk’s X Everything app and his previous affiliation with the cryptocurrency.

InQubeta, an AI-centric altcoin supporting AI tech startups through an NFT marketplace, is set for a significant rally. The presale for this coin has already amassed roughly $3.9 million with over 420 million tokens sold. The project’s staking mechanism offers additional rewards to token holders, further incentivizing investment.

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