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Cassava Network Quarterly Project Report- 2nd Quarter of 2023

Dear Partners, investors and community members,

The second quarter for 2023 has ended, and we are excited to share our project report for the second quarter of the year. This quarter, we did a lot from the areas of product development, partnerships and marketing to reach a wide range of audiences. We’ve been hosting and co-hosting events with our network of partners and have gotten the word about Cassava out there through our events.

Read on to get the full update on what we did in Q2 2023, where we are and where we’re headed.

Latest News

Product Launch: Cassava V4 — Telegram Tasks, Referral and OATs Rewards System

On the 11th of April 2023, we launched the fourth iteration of the Cassava rewards platform which featured three very anticipated features- Telegram tasks integration, the Cassava referral system and the OATs rewards system.

Cassava V4 offered Cassava users more options to earn CB Coins while also earning on-chain achievement tokens(OATs) for completing simple tasks on Cassava.

For more details on Cassava V4, Read our Medium.

With the launch of Cassava V4, we offered brands more flexibility by allowing them to save tasks as drafts and publish them at their convenience. Users also had more options to earn CB Coins through the Telegram tasks and the referral system. With the on-chain achievement tokens rewards system (OATs), we offered our users the first on-chain rewards in the Cassava ecosystem. More integrations, such as NFT and token rewards, will follow suit.

More Features: Cassava Trust Circles, Quiz to Earn and Move to Earn

We went ahead to add three exciting features to Cassava V4. These features gave our users more options to engage and earn CB Coins while enjoying a gamified experience in the Cassava platform.

With the Cassava Trust Circle features, users can team up and earn CB Coins together for carrying out different simple tasks on the Cassava platform. We understand the importance of teamwork and through this feature, made it possible for our users to work as a team.

As we also prioritise education, we launched the Cassava Quiz to Earn feature to educate our users while offering them a gamified experience. Users can take part in different quizzes and earn CB Coins while learning and having fun. Our Quiz to Earn feature came packed with a leaderboard that ranks users based on the time taken to complete quizzes.

We also launched a Move to Earn feature to reward users with CB Coins for staying fit. Our Move to Earn feature has three milestones- 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 steps. Users must hit the least milestone of 3,000 steps before their rewards can be unlocked.

Read more on the Cassava Trust Circles and Cassava Quiz to Earn and Move to Earn.

Cassava Web3 Community Tour

We spiced things up this quarter by kicking off the Cassava Web3 Community Tour. In Q2 2023, we hosted the Cassava Tours in Port Harcourt and Abuja in Nigeria. We had people come in numbers to see and understand what we’re doing at Cassava and how they stand to benefit by engaging actively in the Cassava ecosystem.

At our Tour in Port Harcourt and Abuja, we had lots of KOLs and Web3 enthusiasts in attendance. We also held panel sessions to discuss various topics that were beneficial to our audience.

Some of the mind-blowing pictures captured during these events can be seen below.

Marketing and Operations

We engaged our users with lots of activities and campaigns during this quarter. By the end of Q2, our community on Cassava had grown to 16.2k followers with over 47k task participants. Some of the marketing and operational activities we engaged in during the second quarter of 2023 are:

Physical Events

In addition to hosting the Cassava Web3 Community Tours in Port Harcourt and Abuja, we also actively participated in many other physical events where we discussed Cassava and shared our value proposition with users and brands.

On Saturday, 6th of May, 2023, we hosted the Cassava Partners and Community Mixer in Lagos, Nigeria. It was an invite-only event that brought together partners and brands that use our platform, treating them to a fun time while creating an avenue for everyone to network and connect.

Many partners and brands were represented at the event. We had the likes of Gamic Guild, Carry1st, Vibra, BoundlessPay, Play2Learn, Women in DeFi and many more. Our friends from Play2Learn also treated the attendees to some fun Web3 games giving out USDT rewards in the process.

We were also one of the major sponsors of the Expedition conference held in the University of Lagos where we gave out Cash rewards of up to 350,000 Naira. During the Event, our Head of Marketing, Harrison Obiefule spoke to the general audience about Cassava and what we’re doing in Africa. At the same time, our community manager, Sarah Idahosa coordinated the issuance of our merch and cash rewards.

In attendance were dignitaries like the Vice Chancellor of Unilag, Prof. Folasade Ogunsola and the Keynote speaker, Dr Tunde Lemo, a Nigerian banker and the current chairman of Titan Bank and Flutterwave.

We also took part actively in many other events, some of which include; The Future of Web3 Social, Make NFT Pop in HK, and The Future of Digital Transformation hosted by Blockchain Vibes.

Marketing Campaigns

We launched many campaigns in the second quarter of this year. Many of these campaigns were directed towards promoting new features while some were directed towards user acquisition.

The exciting campaigns we explored during the second quarter of this year are:

Cassava Network Referral Competition

On the launch of our referral feature, we launched the Cassava Network referral competition with a prize pool of up to $100,000. The competition lasted for two weeks and during this time, more than 24,000 new users joined the Cassava platform with a reward pool of $10k unlocked.

Cassava Loyalty League

After completing the Cassava Network referral competition, we went ahead to launch the Cassava loyalty league with a prize pool of $100,000. Users had to refer new users to Cassava to participate in the loyalty league. The more users referred, the more you rank on the leaderboard. The Loyalty League was launched as a bi-weekly competition, the leaderboard was refreshed, and rewards were issued every two weeks.

For more information on the Cassava Loyalty League, click here.

Cassava Trust Circle Triumph

We also launched a campaign to promote the Cassava Trust Circle feature. To join the campaign, users had to create an account on Cassava and join a Trust Circle. We had lots of entries and at the end of the Campaign, winners were picked and rewards sent out.

Cassava Network x NODO Community Campaign

In collaboration with NODO, we launched a campaign to reward users for testing out and providing feedback for the Quiz to Earn feature. To take part in the campaign, users were required to sign up on both Cassava and NODO, download the Cassava app, take a quiz and rank on the leaderboard, complete the social media engagement tasks and finally fill in the campaign form provided.

The campaign started on the 26th of June and will run until the 10th of July. To unlock the rewards for the campaign, Cassava has to hit a milestone of 500 upvotes and 500 feedbacks on the NODO platform.

Cassava Ambassadorship and Legends Program

As we continued to expand our reach in Africa and in a bid to gain more users, we kicked off the Cassava Ambassadorship and Legends program. Our Ambassadors and Legends were tasked with referring more users to the Cassava platform, creating content across social media, hosting events in their institutions and generally spreading the word about Cassava.

At this time, we have 19 Ambassadors and more than 100 Legends.

Exciting New Partnerships

We prioritise partnerships here at Cassava as it plays a significant role in our mission of onboarding Africans into Web3. Through cross-marketing efforts with new partners, we reached over 1.3 million users across social media.

The brands we partnered with in the second quarter of 2023 are; Deri Trade, Flappy MoonBird, Yeeha games, Gameta, Cubic, Gamic, AICoin, AStarter, Dango, Merlin Protocol, Mises Browser, HXR Trade, Wavy, Kepler Homes, Gruve Tickets, Token Tag and NODO.

User Education

We educated users and kept them updated about our products offering and other activities happening in the Cassava ecosystem through our social media pages and Medium blog.

The articles published in the second quarter of this year are;

AMAs, Twitter Spaces and Enlighten U Series

Education is one of our priorities here at Cassava and as one of our strategies for educating users and keeping them updated with happenings in the Cassava Ecosystem and beyond, we hosted and we invited as guests in different AMA and Twitter space sessions. During the AMAs, we spoke to the audience about Cassava and how individuals and brands can get the best value while using our product.

Here’s a list of the AMAs we hosted and co-hosted:

What Next?

We will continue to engage our community with programmes like AMAs, Twitter spaces, community calls, quizzes and other content across social media. We will keep an eye on industry conferences and events where we can represent Cassava and share our vision, and will always be on the lookout for brands whose mission aligns with ours to partner with.

ABC of Blockchain Book

In collaboration with the Pan Atlantic University, we will publish a book by the third quarter of 2023. The book titled ‘The ABC of Blockchain’ is a beginner-friendly book that addresses various topics in Web3. The publication of this book is in line with one of our core priorities at Cassava- Education.

Cassava Website Revamp

We are revamping the Cassava website to serve our users better and communicate the core of our brand. While still under development, our new website will feature new sections like a team profile section, a media coverage section, and a section for all the testimonials from the communities and partner brands that use our platform. This will be launched in Q3 2023.

Cassava AfriMyth Avatar Redesign

We have concluded the redesign of the Cassava AfriMyth Avatars. The new version of the Avatars includes features such as facial expressions, head wears, African-themed backgrounds, and so much more. In Q3 2023, we will integrate the new Avatars into our AfriMyth Avatar generator and users will be able to create beautiful-looking Avatars based on the new version.

Our mission remains unchanged. We want to be the go-to platform for everything Web3 in Africa. As a result of this, we have been up and doing in the areas of development, marketing, partnership and even education.

Learn more about Cassava 👇

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