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Coinbase Unveils New User-Friendly Crypto Wallets

Crypto exchange Coinbase has announced the upcoming launch of two new crypto wallet products, Smart and Embedded Wallet solutions. These offerings aim to simplify the onboarding process for blockchain applications, removing common friction points for new crypto users. 

The Smart Wallet leverages passkey technology to enable instant, no-hassle wallet creation within decentralized apps. By abstracting away seed phrases and complex cryptographic processes, it provides a much more automatic user experience.

The Embedded Wallet allows developers to offer familiar email or social login flows for their customized, white-labeled wallets. Backed by Coinbase’s trusted infrastructure, these embedded wallets lower the barrier to entry for blockchain-based services.  

Coinbase has designed both wallet solutions to be easily integrated by developers. The Coinbase Wallet SDK already powers connectivity with many EVM-compatible decentralized apps. Now, the Smart Wallet upgrade removes even more complexity for users and builders alike.

Similarly, the Embedded Wallet and supporting Wallet-as-a-Service offering give developers the tools to craft bespoke wallet experiences tailored to their app needs and target users. Through these innovative wallet products, Coinbase seeks to dramatically improve access and interaction with decentralized technologies, ultimately helping pave the way for mass blockchain adoption.

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