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Ibadan, Dahab and 5 other emerging African cities suitable for tech nomads

People who operate remotely from anywhere in the world utilizing technology and the internet are known as digital nomads. In the post-COVID era, there are now more digital nomads than there were in onsite work models, where employees had to return to the same area each day to accomplish their job.

Tech or digital nomads are mobile workers who rely on technology to carry out their tasks. Most individuals prefer to work quietly and comfortably in their own homes where there are less distractions, interruptions, and even inconveniences.

These people can travel and discover different cultures while supporting themselves as freelancers or as employees of one company thanks to the nomadic lifestyle.

Due to the need for concentration and focus, free from interruption and distraction, to finish the complex task this group of people carry out, comfort and convenience have become significant parts and constant features of their lives.

Therefore, people must make a significant decision regarding the best region or location where they can simply obtain these bundles.

This article seeks to provide options on the best, but emerging African cities to live in as a tech nomad, devoid of overcrowdedness but with quality social infrastructure, low cost of living, fast and reliable internet and broadband penetration, vibrant tech ecosystems, quality payment infrastructure, availability co-working space and exquisite cuisine.

7 African cities tech nomads should consider

  1. Ibadan, Nigeria
  2. Accra, Ghana
  3. Nairobi, Kenya
  4. Agadir, Morocco
  5. Dakar, Senegal
  6. Database, Egypt
  7. Kampala, Uganda

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