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Want to invest in June? Here are things in cryptocurrencies to consider

The first five months of 2023 for the cryptocurrency industry have been nothing short of exhilarating as we head into June, the midway point of the year. After a challenging 2022, established and new digital assets have staged an impressive rebound and reignited investor optimism. 

April was an interesting month but the month of May was mostly bearish, solidifying that the market is in a corrective state. The altcoins we predicted at the beginning of last month managed to preserve most of their gains and even record a positive performance.

If the market sees a bounce, many altcoins could recover their previous losses and also reach new all-time highs. This makes June an exciting season for traders and investors to closely monitor the market movements and take advantage of potential opportunities.

However, it is important to note that among over 25,000 cryptocurrencies, not all of them are a good idea to invest in. With this in mind, we have analysed the market, taking into account various crypto ratings, historical price trends, and the latest developments to arrive at the list of the three most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in June.


XRP is a crypto to buy in the month of June because it seems more likely that Ripple, XRP’s parent company, will be vindicated in its court battle against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.


Tron made a lot of waves during the COVID-19 pandemic but it has kept a relatively low profile since then. However, it has been stealing the headlines in recent weeks.

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