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Launch of a Developer Toolkit for L2 Blockchains by Optimism

The Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum apps known as Optimism is now referred to as OP Mainnet.

This rebranding is viewed as a tactical choice that supports the project’s objective of creating a “superchain” network made up of numerous Layer 2 blockchains. The project’s desire to build a highly scalable, interconnected network that expands the possibilities of Ethereum’s infrastructure is reflected in the project’s new moniker, OP Mainnet.

With its current total value locked (TVL) of more than $1.3 billion, it will continue to serve as the primary network layer of the superchain network under its new moniker, OP Mainnet. The amount of bitcoin assets that are locked and used within the network is represented by the TVL metric.

The super chain, in accordance with Optimism, attempts to facilitate seamless communication and interoperability with other chains. One of the chains included in this endeavor is Base, an open-source Ethereum L2 chain from Coinbase.

Developers can deploy their own Layer 2 blockchains using the OP Stack, a development software stack developed by OP Labs, the company behind the OP Mainnet, which gives developers the tools and infrastructure they need to create scalable solutions.

Optimistic Rollups are a core technology for OP Mainnet and are essential to its operation. A Layer 2 scaling method called optimistic rollups collects Ethereum transactions on a lower layer, enabling quicker and more economical transaction processing.

The Ethereum network’s scalability issues are resolved by OP Mainnet by utilizing Optimistic Rollups, enabling a considerable increase in transaction throughput and a decrease in gas costs.

The following initiatives are already a part of the ecology of Optimism:

• Aaave
• Alchemy
• Binance
• Brave Wallet
• Coinbase
• Coinbase Wallet
• Metamask
• MoonPay
• Sushiswap
• Uniswap

Optimism has regularly ranked among the top Layer 2 solutions for Ethereum since its release. However, Arbitrum, a different Layer 2 solution, has been gaining ground and is now more widely used and well-liked than Optimism.

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