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Lisk & CV Labs Africa Launch The Lisk Blockchain Incubator Hub to Empower African Entrepreneurs in Web3

Lisk and CV Labs Africa have announced the launch of the Lisk Blockchain Incubator Hub, an initiative aimed at empowering African entrepreneurs in the web3 space. The hub prioritizes real-world utility and seeks to address the significant barriers faced by technology entrepreneurs in Africa, including limited access to finance and expert mentorship.

The launch event, held in Lagos, Nigeria, brought together entrepreneurs in web3 and developers to introduce the five-month program, which is divided into two separate blocks. The first block, spanning eight weeks, focuses on building a strong business case, while the second block, lasting 12 weeks, concentrates on go-to-market strategy.

Successful projects will join Lisk and CV Labs’ extensive global community of industry veterans, investors, and partner networks, providing ongoing growth opportunities. This launch demonstrates Lisk’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity, recognizing the transformative potential of emerging markets.

Africa is at the forefront of blockchain adoption, with nations utilizing cryptocurrencies for various purposes, including store of value, payment, and exchange. Blockchain technology has the potential to address longstanding issues such as corruption, lack of transparency, and inefficiencies in sectors like finance, supply chain, and governance.

“We believe in Africa and its potential to drive true change through blockchain technology. Our incubator program is designed to empower local entrepreneurs and innovators, and we’re excited to see the impact they will make,” said Brenton Naicker, Principal and Head of Growth Africa at Lisk Blockchain Incubator.

CV Labs has been investing in Africa for over two years, and this launch marks a significant milestone in their efforts to empower local entrepreneurs and drive innovation in the blockchain ecosystem.

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