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Mastercard, Wowzi, and Masria Digital Payments Unveil $2.04 Million Partnership to Empower African Content Creators

In a groundbreaking move, Mastercard, Wowzi, and Masria Digital Payments (MDP) have announced a 5-year partnership worth $2.04 million to empower content creators across Africa. This innovative collaboration aims to simplify finances, offer exclusive perks, and introduce wearable payment solutions for creators.

According to the partnership, creators will receive payments directly onto secure digital cards, streamlining online and offline transactions. “Say goodbye to payment woes!” the partnership promises.

In addition to simplified finances, creators will enjoy access to Mastercard rewards and benefits tailored to their lifestyle. The partnership also introduces Watch Cards and Ring Cards for ultimate convenience and style.

MDP’s expertise ensures secure and seamless transactions, giving creators peace of mind. The focus on innovation means the cards will adapt to meet the evolving needs of creators.

“This collaboration is a major win for the creator economy!” the partnership states. “It fosters a more vibrant and sustainable ecosystem, empowering creators to thrive.”

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