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NODO Partners with Tether to Deepen Stablecoin Knowledge and Adoption in Africa

NODO, a prominent blockchain solutions provider, has announced a strategic partnership with, the leading stablecoin issuer, to accelerate the understanding and adoption of stablecoins, particularly USDT, across the African continent.

This collaboration aims to achieve three key objectives:

  • Educational initiatives: Launching comprehensive educational programs and workshops to equip Africans with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage the benefits of stablecoins safely.
  • Community building: Fostering a vibrant blockchain community across Africa through the organization of events and forums that encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Financial inclusion: Promoting the use of stablecoins as a secure and stable alternative for financial transactions and savings, particularly for the underserved and unbanked population.

Commenting on the partnership, Shogo Ishida, Co-CEO of EMURGO Africa, a founding partner of NODO, emphasized the potential impact: “We believe that by promoting market expansion, enhancing financial literacy across Africa, and drawing on Tether’s global leadership in digital assets, this collaboration will have a significant influence in addressing financial barriers and fostering greater financial inclusion in the region.”

Paolo A., CEO of, mirrored this sentiment, stating, “Our primary goal remains redefining traditional finance and ensuring financial freedom for the underserved and unbanked, especially in Africa. We are thrilled to be partnering with NODO in achieving this mission.”

NODO echoes this vision, expressing their firm belief in the transformative power of blockchain technology and its potential to drive financial inclusion and innovation across Africa. Partnering with Tether, the world’s leading stablecoin provider, signifies a significant step forward in realizing this shared vision.

The collaboration invites participation from individuals across Africa who are interested in contributing to building a more inclusive and technologically advanced financial landscape for the continent.

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