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Nike dives into video game wearables, explores NFT fashion

The digital wearables branch of Nike, .Swoosh has hinted at diving deeper into the domain of video game fashion. The company has also expressed doubts over its non-fungible token (NFT) expansion plans, according to a Jan. 12 blog post. 

Nike unveils virtual journey

.Swoosh, the digital flagship of Nike’s sportswear giant has told in a recent announcement about its endeavors and previews some upcoming plans.

Nike also plans to strengthen its position in the video game space by launching a new line of virtual products called “Nike In-Game Wearables.”

The team says these wearables can be purchased and worn directly within one’s favorite video games, virtually bringing actual realness into gaming.

The post highlights that the emphasis is on the joy of collecting and self-expression rather than mere transactions.

Nike intends to deepen its engagement with the community by offering exclusive physical products tied to in-game wearables, fostering a sense of appreciation for loyal members.

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