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Potential Biggest Airdrop in 2024

The Manta airdrop is one of the most widely expected airdrops for 2024 and could be one of the biggest, according to a popular crypto analyst.

The cryptocurrency industry has witnessed some of the most mouthwatering airdrops in the past few years. Uniswap, LooksRare, Arbitrum, Flare Network, Pyth Network, and, most recently, Jito are just a few examples of the most valuable ones in recent years.

However, popular crypto analyst Miles Deutscher expects the upcoming Manta airdrop to potentially be one of the largest airdrops in 2024.

The airdrop is tied to the Manta network, a new layer-2 network that has attracted significant capital as investors scramble for a share of the well-publicized airdrop.

Manta Network Airdrop Qualification Enters Final Stage

Manta Network brands itself as a “modular blockchain” on Ethereum. Its newly launched Manta Pacific mainnet is a zero-knowledge (ZK) application L2 that allows developers to build high-performance applications with low fees and near-instant settlements. 

According to the industry tracker, DeFilLama, Manta is currently the 13th largest blockchain by total value locked (TVL), with $287 million worth of assets across protocols on the network. The L2 network is already ahead of other popular rivals, including Kava, Gnosis, and Sui.

Manta is currently in the middle of a campaign dubbed New Paradigm, which rewards users with Manta tokens for bridging assets to the network.

To qualify for the Manta token airdrop, users need to bridge assets from Ethereum to the new L2. Interacting with DeFi protocols and NFTs on the network also means more rewards. 

Miles Deutscher recommends bridging at least 0.2 ETH (approx. $400) or the equivalent in USDC. However, the higher the amount bridged, the more tokens a Manta Pacific user could redeem in an airdrop expected later this month.

Meanwhile, another widely anticipated airdrop scheduled for later this month involves leading Solana-based protocol, Jupiter. The DEX aggregator has revealed plans to hold a retroactive airdrop for its community before the end of January. 

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