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Trading for 2024, Best Crypto Exchanges to Look Out in US

In the past decade, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a sensation among investors. It started back in the early 2010s when the early investors of Bitcoin became millionaires. 

Gradually, as the industry evolved traders got so many other profitable options. Today, traders can buy and sell a wide gamut of digital assets easily. 

But to do that, they require crypto exchanges that offer high security, ease of trading, and lots of features. Thankfully, they can access a large number of them and enjoy all the fruits of crypto investment. However, choosing between them may not be very easy for traders. They need to know all the options, and compare their features before picking one of them.

Leading Crypto Exchanges to Choose from

The following platforms are known for making it safe and simple in many ways. They come with many advanced features, robust security, and heightened functionality.


It is one of the long-established crypto exchanges in the US. Launched in 2011, this platform offers a wide gamut of cryptos with many features. With options like advanced order types, margin, and futures trading, it simplifies the buying/selling of crypto. Moreover, the platform comes in two different versions: Kraken and Kraken Pro. 

The advanced version charges more fees but offers the cheapest transaction fee and volume discounts. In addition to that, it offers a low fee on Bitcoin withdrawal. On the downside, it’s not available in all 50 states of North America. It accepts only a few fiat currencies and doesn’t avail crypto staking to US customers. 


Gemini has gained huge popularity among new crypto investors. Besides delivering an easy interface, it brings forth a set of innovative features. It’s an interest-earning program and credit cards are quite renowned among investors. The platform claims that it adheres to all the regulations and is available in all 50 states.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t provide spot trading and lacks some popular crypto options provides more than 250 assets available to its customers. Furthermore, they get to tap other benefits like rewards and utility token Cronos (CRO). Users who hold a higher CRO secure more trading fee discounts. At the same time, they can enjoy 8% cashback upon using a Visa debit card. 

In terms of cybersecurity, the website has impressive ratings. It makes limited margin trading available but charges high for low-volume trading. 


KuCoin is another platform that offers a sizable amount of cryptos for trading. Apart from the US, the platform has a vibrant presence in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Still, it should be noted that it’s not registered in the US. Regardless, the citizens of the US can use the exchange easily. 

With low trading fees and volume discounts, KuCoin also offers futures trading and margin trading. Despite all that, the security aspects of the platform may not impress users a lot.  


With more than 200 tradable cryptos and advanced features, this exchange is one of the best choices. On top of that, it makes the trading of crypto very easy. Users can indulge in in-depth technical analysis using so many advanced tools. It enhances security as well as ease of usage. 

Talking about demerits, it charges a high convenience fee and isn’t available in all 50 states. 

How Should Crypto Investors Pick Crypto Exchanges

Without doing a comparison of different exchanges, investors shouldn’t pick any exchanges to use. When it comes to comparing different features, users should be wary of the following.

Basic Trading– The basics would involve trading fees, the number of cryptos available, the number of fiat currencies accepted, and overall liquidity.

Advanced Trading– The advanced trading features would encompass things like volume discounts and advanced order types.

Margin Trading– Margin trading could be quite profitable if done skillfully but it’s not provided by all the exchanges. 

Accessibility– While most exchanges are available in all 50 states, some aren’t due to various regulatory issues. 

Service– The customer must also check the quality of assistance the exchanges provide.

Security– Security is clearly an indispensable factor and users should check if the exchange has a history of cyber attacks. 

Additional Features– The additional features will include staking, lending, and rewards. Exchanges make trading more fruitful with these additional programs. 

Final Thoughts

Crypto users must know that exchanges are available in centralized and decentralized versions. The centralized exchange keeps the control in their hand and DEXs keep everything on the blockchain. While the former delivers convenience, the latter gives total control of assets to their owners. 

With so many features, centralized exchanges are a better choice for beginners. They also take full responsibility of the assets’ safekeeping and provide backup features. DEXs, on the other hand, make customers accountable for everything. Therefore, investors should make a careful choice after weighing all the options.  

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