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Predicting the Price of Bitcoin as the Total Crypto Market Cap Approaches $1.5 Trillion: Will it Aim for $40,000 Next?

Within the constantly changing realm of virtual currencies, Bitcoin exhibits a bullish trajectory, presently trading at $38,765, up nearly 2% on Saturday. December is starting off on a positive note for the cryptocurrency market, as Bitcoin is moving closer to its 19-month high and signaling a strong start for crypto stocks.

President Petro of Colombia receives Bitcoin amid the country’s exploratory moves to embrace the cryptocurrency, marking a significant geopolitical shift. Mike Novogratz’s optimistic view of Bitcoin fuels the fervor even more, as the entire value of the cryptocurrency market approaches an astounding $1.5 trillion.

Now that $40,000 has been reached, investors are closely watching it and wondering if this is the next significant turning point in the rise of Bitcoin.

The Exciting Debut of December: Crypto Stocks Rise as Bitcoin Approaches a 19-Month High

Shares of cryptocurrency miners and associated businesses have increased as the largest cryptocurrency in the world reaches a nearly 19-month high of $38,765, indicating a positive outlook on the market.

The current rally, which has seen a 1.6% daily increase, is driven by investors’ expectations of a possible approval of a spot exchange-traded fund (ETF), which is thought to act as a catalyst for additional capital inflows into the digital asset market.

Notably, gains ranging from 1.7% to 4% have been experienced by Bitcoin miners Riot Platforms, Marathon Digital, and TeraWulf. Given that it has recognized the boost from Bitcoin’s surge, J.P. Morgan has increased price targets for a number of mining companies.

Coinbase shares have increased by 2.5% as a result of the increase in cryptocurrency prices, which is predicted to increase transaction volumes and revenue. In light of prospective regulatory obstacles and new laws that may have an effect on the sector, caution is still advised.

However, there is still hope for ETF approval despite the founder of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange resigning. The market’s general upbeat attitude provides some justification for the recent increase in Bitcoin’s price.

Bitcoin Diplomacy: President Petro of Colombia Examines Crypto Adoption

President Gustavo Petro’s acquisition of Bitcoin marks a significant milestone in Colombia’s cryptocurrency journey and highlights the nation’s exploratory efforts to incorporate virtual currencies into its economy.

Diego Gutierrez-Zaldivar from IOVLabs and Samson Mow from JAN3 contributed their perspectives to the talks on using blockchain technology for the public good. Mow even showed President Petro Bitcoin, indicating Colombia’s willingness to embrace blockchain technology.

At the forefront of discussions have been applications of Bitcoin for worker cooperatives and blockchain’s potential to improve public services like health billing and land restitution. As regulatory frameworks change, the Colombian Financial Superintendency looks into policy modifications.

As a result of these events, the price of Bitcoin is currently $38,765, reflecting the natural volatility of the market.

Colombia presents itself as one of the leading countries in Latin America looking to digital currencies to support national development; this could have an impact on the current surge in Bitcoin due to the nation’s active participation and the expectation of regulatory clarity.

Novogratz’s Hope: A Positive Prediction for Bitcoin

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz has issued a very optimistic outlook for Bitcoin, linking the cryptocurrency’s possible price increase to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States approving spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) (SEC).

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Novogratz emphasized how the market is anticipating this development as a crucial driver of momentum. He implied that such expectations are already factored into the price of Bitcoin by pointing to the strong push for its adoption by major financial institutions, such as Blackrock, Ark, Fidelity, and his own Galaxy Digital.

Novogratz, keeping a close eye on the impending Bitcoin halving event, the Federal Reserve’s anticipated rate cuts, and the dearth of Bitcoin sellers, outlined a bright future for the cryptocurrency despite uncertainties in the world economy.

According to his prediction, there will soon be a positive change in market sentiment, which could spark a significant increase in the price of Bitcoin, particularly after the approval of a spot ETF, which is expected to bring in a new round of investment.

Prediction of Bitcoin Prices

Within the cryptocurrency space, the price movement of Bitcoin on December 1st provides a classic example of bullish persistence. At $38,444, the price of the digital currency has increased moderately over the last 24 hours by 0.14%. After navigating through layers of support and resistance, Bitcoin is currently trading slightly below a significant pivot point at $38,502 on this 4-hour chart timeframe.

The first obstacle is at $38,832, followed by more obstacles at $39,259 and a more distant challenge at $39,610. In the event that the bullish momentum wanes, $38,025 may provide support for Bitcoin, with additional safety nets at $37,544 and $37,006.

Technical indicators tell a more nuanced story; the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is currently 64, indicating that the market is bullish but not overbought or retreating into bearish territory.

Parallel to this, Bitcoin’s price action is circling just below the 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA), which traces at $38,777. This could be a sign that a bullish trend is about to be confirmed.

The current RSI level and the chart’s closeness to the 50 EMA support the upward channel that indicates a strong buying trend. The bullish argument is further supported by the breakout of an ascending triangle pattern at $38,400, which suggests an accumulation phase and may portend a rally.

Combining these variables yields the conclusion that, even though Bitcoin is presently consolidating, its overall outlook remains bullish. In the short term, the market seems ready for a test of the immediate resistance level at $38,835.

If this barrier is successfully crossed, the road to $39,000 looks more likely, and as the year comes to an end, traders and investors are paying close attention to the possibility of Bitcoin’s growth.

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