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Top 6 African Cryptocurrency Projects-

Listing the best African cryptocurrency projects has not been so difficult, though. The startups that we listed have shown potential in the first months of existence to diversify the use of blockchain and a high number of users in a short time.

. Tamadoge

. Yellow Card

. Polkadot

. Solana

. Akoin City

. Bitsika


Tamadoge is a brand-new meme coin with practical uses that combines P2E gaming with the Metaverse to create the following Dodge and Shiba Inu playing style. The game contains pets that are part of the Metaverse, and each of them has a unique 3D depiction. The P2E component assumes that as you spend more time bringing baby Tamadoge, you will receive more benefits. The most valued award is based on combat prowess against other pets. In this approach, the game takes advantage of a 100x growth opportunity while using Doge’s brand familiarity. It is a creative application of NFTs to Tamadoge pets and the “Tamaverse”. Since it draws players who are not interested in cryptocurrencies, the game is more of a Play and Earn game than the traditional Play-to-earn concept. Tamadoge pets can be mined, fed, and taken care of by you. The game has anti-rug pull, which is managed by a smart contract that Solid Proof has certified.

Tamadoge pets are the main focus of the game. From birth till adulthood, you give it attention. Next year, you will be able to purchase pets using the app at a unique store, and there is no cap on how many pets you may purchase. These shops will also carry pet supplies including food, clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. Dogepoints are the prize for taking care of your virtual pet, and you can compete with them to climb the leaderboard.

A mobile app will be released by developers in the fourth quarter of 2023 that will make playing with and taking care of the pet simpler. Each pet in the game is created uniquely via NFT, with its unique features being assigned at random. The general presale is anticipated to begin in the fourth part of the year, with the beta presale beginning on July 25 and ending on September 2. Using Metamask or Trust Wallet, you will be able to purchase TAMA (the native Tamadoge token) with ETH and USDT with no minimum or maximum investment restrictions. The TAMA is a deflationary token, in contrast to Axie and other P2E tokens, and the suggested minimum is $150.

TAMA money is distributed as follows: 65% P2E prize pool, 30% marketing and development, and 5% burn. Total supply is 2 billion, of which 50% will be used for presales, 30% will be unlocked over a ten-year period for project development, and 20% will be listed on DEX and CEXs.


The finest African cryptocurrency ventures are Yellow Card, which is not a specific cryptocurrency. The first model was produced three years prior to the company’s official launch in 2019. Chris Maurice and Justin Poiroux are the creators, and they are both committed to making it possible for Africans to use Bitcoin as their local currency both at home and abroad. They had access to mobile money, cash, and bank transfers.

By 2020, the Nigerian startup will have more than 35,000 merchants who will transfer $165 million in cryptocurrencies. However, they increased their operations in South Africa and Botswana this year, raising $1.5 million in seed money. In Kenya and Cameroon, new services were launched. It is anticipated that the company will provide new features and provide more news and information. The software is accessible to a wide range of users since it is available in so many languages, including Igbo, Arabic, Afrikaans, French, Hausa, Luganda, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Swahili.


The Polkadot is sometimes described as a “blockchain of blockchains” with the primary goal of facilitating new networks. We think it is one among the top African cryptocurrency projects for these reasons. The creation of new networks ought to facilitate developers’ work. New blockchains can be made by developers, who can also integrate them with existing ones.

They are independent of complex bridging protocols. Additionally, this network provides complete configuration without compromising security and safety. Since they will drive the Web 3.0 revolution, the Polkadot’s growth is not over.


Solana is undoubtedly one of the top cryptocurrency initiatives in Africa and among the fastest cryptocurrency networks in existence. DApps and smart contracts enable the study and application of Solana. These tokens can be used with both a proof-of-history and a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. It is the cause of the project’s ability to handle more than 50,000 transactions per second without experiencing any glitches or issues.

More than 350 different projects are currently functioning on this network, which is reputed to be the first to make use of smart contracts. In the preceding year, it had more than 17,000% of its value returned. Due to the factors mentioned above, Solana, which has a value of $53 billion, is among the top 10 currencies in Africa.


Senegal’s Akon City is founded and quickly makes an astounding $6 billion. On November 11, 2020, the project was made public and started trading on the Bittrex Global platform. Next year, Kenyans will be able to pay with the local currency, known as (AKN). Akon City, one of the best African cryptocurrency projects, employs 20,000 people who are paid in this currency as well. The project progresses because the developers intend to build a metropolis with 35,000 residents and 2,000 retail establishments.


Atsu Davoh and Samuel Boahen, two Ghanaians, founded Bitsika in 2018. It’s incredible that the project has already generated over $700,000 in income with only 1,000 customers. Bitsika facilitates transactions between a few African nations, including Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Mali, and Mauritius. It is one of the greatest African cryptocurrency projects.

Within a certain transaction threshold, those transactions are free of charge. The ability for customers to trade in local currencies, as well as the US dollar and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, is one of the best advantages. They can trade more easily and comfortably by using bank transfers, cash, and mobile money.

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