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BlockDAG Expands Worldwide; Evaluating Its Influence Against Chainlink and Immutable: Explore Best Crypto to Invest in?

In the evolving world of blockchain, Chainlink and Immutable are marking their territory with significant contributions. Chainlink enhances smart contracts by feeding them real-time data, whereas Immutable is revolutionizing web3 gaming through its innovative non-custodial wallet and universal gaming profile.

Amidst these developments, BlockDAG is gaining prominence globally with its cutting-edge blockchain technology and innovative DAG architecture. Recently, BlockDAG highlighted its technological advancements in major global cities such as Shibuya, Las Vegas, and London, focusing on revolutionizing blockchain scalability and security.

Chainlink Price: Uncertain Horizons

As a key player in the blockchain sector, Chainlink offers decentralized oracle services to bridge smart contracts with external data. Yet, according to crypto analyst CrediBULL Crypto, there’s a looming risk of a 50-60% decline in Chainlink’s price following a year of growth and a notable rally.


He anticipates a potential drop to $11.96 due to market downturns and leveraged traders liquidating positions. While brief spikes may occur, the forecast is generally pessimistic, underscoring the volatility and investment risks associated with Chainlink.

Immutable Passport: Transforming Web3 Gaming

Immutable captures attention in the web3 gaming space with its breakthrough Immutable Passport, which integrates a universal gaming profile that eases player onboarding. This platform extends across various gaming platforms, enhancing user acquisition and retention by simplifying registration. Already integrated into major games like Gods Unchained, the Passport boasts over 500,000 users, demonstrating its significant impact on making web3 gaming more accessible.


BlockDAG: Spearheading Global Blockchain Innovations

BlockDAG’s global tour began impressively at Shibuya Crossing in Japan, where it presented its cutting-edge technology via an engaging keynote video. The presentation set forth BlockDAG’s ambitious goal to break into the top 50 cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap.

The tour continued in Las Vegas at the Sphere event, where BlockDAG celebrated the release of its second whitepaper. This event highlighted its commitment to scalability and decentralization. By leveraging DAG structures and a Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, BlockDAG delivers swift transactions and robust security, addressing the needs of its growing user base. Its subsequent exhibition at London’s Piccadilly Circus reinforced BlockDAG’s stature as a leader in blockchain scalability and security, drawing international acclaim.


The X10 Miner is a testament to BlockDAG’s commitment to making mining technology accessible. This compact and efficient miner achieves up to 200 BDAG daily with a hash rate of 100 MH/s. It is designed to cater to both novice and experienced miners, featuring a plug-and-play setup, energy efficiency, and quiet operation, ideal for home mining environments.

Having raised $37.8 million up to its 16th batch of presales, BlockDAG is on a trajectory for substantial growth. Market experts forecast that BDAG could hit $30 by 2030, offering a potential return on investment of 30,000 times, highlighting its potential as a highly profitable investment. Currently, BlockDAG has sold 10.3 billion coins and 6,723 miners, totaling $2.9 million in miner sales, underscoring the expanding community’s trust and investment in its technology.

BlockDAG’s Bright Prospects

While Chainlink and Immutable have their merits in their respective domains, BlockDAG distinguishes itself with a holistic approach to blockchain technology and mining. Its global marketing, user-friendly mining technology, and robust features make it an attractive investment for those seeking substantial returns.

Leveraging innovative technology and strategic global initiatives, BlockDAG aims to reshape the digital transaction space and offer significant wealth-building opportunities for its community. For prospective crypto investors, BlockDAG’s ongoing presale is a promising venture.


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