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Emmanuel Tokunbo Darko: Pioneering Cross-Border Remittance Solutions in Africa

Emmanuel Tokunbo Darko, the Chief Executive Officer of CPayant, is leading the charge in revolutionizing cross-border remittance in Africa. His journey to address remittance difficulties stemmed from personal frustration during his school days in Ghana when he encountered challenges receiving pocket money from his parents in Nigeria. This experience ignited his determination to find solutions to streamline remittance processes and make financial transactions more accessible and efficient across the continent.

Darko emphasizes the significance of focusing on intra-Africa remittance, highlighting the need for seamless transactions between countries like Mozambique, Uganda, and Nigeria. CPayant, Darko’s brainchild, boasts over two thousand users and offers a platform that allows individuals to fund their wallets and make transactions seamlessly. Despite still being in the testing stage, CPayant is set to go live soon, promising near-instant transactions and minimal fees for intra-continent transactions in Africa through Web3 technology.

While CPayant utilizes blockchain technology to tailor its offerings, Darko clarifies that the company does not deal with cryptocurrency. Instead, blockchain facilitates faster and cheaper payment transactions across Africa, providing a secure and efficient platform for users. The company prioritizes security, with biometric authentication ensuring that users’ funds remain inaccessible to anyone but themselves.

Despite facing regulatory constraints and funding challenges, CPayant has persevered, securing a grant from the Celo Blockchain Foundation and currently working towards a pre-seed round. Darko’s background in banking and tech marketing, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, has positioned him as a driving force in the fintech industry. From his tenure at Zenith and Databank to his leadership roles in tech marketing, Darko’s diverse experience underscores his commitment to driving innovation and financial inclusion in Africa.

Emmanuel Tokunbo Darko’s journey exemplifies the power of leveraging technology to address real-world challenges, paving the way for a more connected and financially inclusive Africa. As CPayant continues to make strides in the fintech space, Darko’s vision and leadership promise to shape the future of cross-border remittance in the region.

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